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× Playin some Life Is Strange, never played this thing before.... uhhhh I'm doing art, come look and laugh at it.
Mine does this new trick where it only pans left and right despite it having been set on zoom. 

I've tried reverting to factory setting and it still does this amazing feature and it's getting to the point where it disrupts workflow.

Anyone else has this problem?
Do yourself and myself a huge favor. Don't do it.

Wooo!!!! It's been so long since I updated anything here.... my sincerest apologies to all my watchers and passer-byers to lurkers for the lack of updates.

Welp, after a lot of hard work and a ton of support to all my friends and colleagues, I finally made it to.... dun dun dun.... Blizzard Entertainment!!!!!

I started at the end of September as an Associate 3D Artist for Heroes Of The Storm, and I'm absolutely loving every bit of it!!! I just can't believe I'm finally living my childhood dream of being a part of a team and family that literally created the start for my passion in game art since I was a little babbi.

I honestly can't be more thankful for all the wonderful and invaluable help and guidance from the team and my friends (you know who you are!) that gave me nothing but positive support and honest feed backs throughout all these years. And I will do my best to keep everyone here updated with more works as best as I can. 

Cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Take care and keep up the awesome to you all!!!

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that the ticket is now sold. Best wishes to the new owner of the ticket, and hope you all have a great time at Blizzcon 2015!!!

Hey everyone, I bought my Blizzcon 2015 ticket without thinking that I actually had something scheduled way in advance that would eventually conflict with the Blizzcon time.

SO.... Now I'm stuck with a ticket, but I was wondering if there's anyone out there who's interested in going, and I'm just going to try and get rid of it for the price I got it for.

Anywho if anyone's interested or know of anyone that might be, please feel free to PM me here.

Hey guys, just making a general inquiry for those who also own a Cintiq 24HD

So the one I have currently does a really weird problem where the entire device just shuts down. I've deduced it to the power cord while trying to play around with different cables in the back.

Once the device shuts down while having all the chords still connected, I can still see the green light lit on the power supply brick, but I had to fumble with the power adapter cable around and then it'll randomly turn on again.

Anywho that's about how I'm currently going about solving this issue, and I'm wondering if any of you guys own a 24HD and are also experiencing this weird issue?
I got 1 left quick!… <===== come join the thing with :icondaphz: and I for unholy uhhhh stuff.
What is your take on it? I'll get the ball rolling, just for shits n giggles.

"Hey I really like your art! Even though I don't like digital art..." - a unique snowflake
Doing some Overwatch Fanart with :iconserpentwined:

yes. Welp, gotta drink and draw stream for a friend's birthday :iconserpentwined: PS: Never drawn a dragon before : / yap its time! time for the paintings! paint streaming time! with :icondaphz:… Join for some funzies! or not. time for fun! or no fun allowed!!! >: C Let's paint and drink! time for stupid laughs!
Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!!! aguuuuuuu <3